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Biography from wikipedia: Douglas Lain (born 1970 in Memphis, Tennessee) is a fiction writer who has been compared to Philip K. Dick and Pamela Zoline. His first novel, entitled "Billy Moon:1968," is scheduled for publication by Tor Books in early 2011.
Until 2006 Lain published mostly in genre magazines. His stories and novellas might be called interstitial or "slipstream" (a term invented by the cyberpunk author Bruce Sterling). His first book, the collection Last Week's Apocalypse, was deemed surrealist by Publishers Weekly, featured a cover illustration by CRASS artist Gee Vaucher, and was released from Night Shade Books in January of 2006. His stories "A Coffee Cup/Alien Invasion Story" and "Music Lessons" were selected for Rich Horton's anthology Science Fiction the Best of the Year 2005 and Gavin Grant and Kelly Link's anthology "The Best of Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet" respectively.
Lain is also the co-editor along with M.K. Hobson of Diet Soap, a surrealist 'zine of "dissident literature," and the host of a podcast by the same name. He was the co-author of the Artists and Writers Petition Against the War on Iraq, and was formerly an organizer of protests against the Patriot Act, the bombing of Afghanistan, and the Iraq war.
He lives in Portland, Oregon.
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