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Vision beauty from bones and debris
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Choosing to mix her media using materials such as bone, hair, mirror and lace, Chantal Menard’s method is a Frankensteinian approach fused with Pandora’s curiosity. Her reliquary assemblages are metaphorical revelations of closeted emotional skeletons that allow us to look at the inherent need to “compartmentalize” secrets and feelings as well as confront personal fears toward life and death.

Chantal claims to have been born in a cyclone, sired by a lonely machinist and raised by a den of witches who encouraged her in collage making, photography, piano studies and playing with power tools. She fondly recalls her earliest memories as being the birth of her brother, Eric Menard and shortly thereafter, attending the funeral of a family friend.

Chantal finds inspiration in folk art, religious iconography, the works of Kahlo, Keinholz and Cornell as well as induced images from the writings of Poe, Plath, and Dickinson.

Chantal resides in the Los Angeles area where she is fulfilling commissions, gallery exhibitions, body ritual performances as well as her merchandise line called “Bone Amie.”
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